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Wine Expert's Limited Editions:  pre-order by Dec 2

Argentine Malbec Bonardo - A rich, bold purple juice with aromas of black currants and plums finishing with a hint of anise. Dry, medium-bodied wine that peaks at 12-18 months; 13% ABV     (arrives January 2013) $137.95

Argentine Torrontes - A medium-bodied white wine; highly aromatic with exotic fruits and bold florals. Its vibrant acidity pairs well with smoked cheeses and spicy foods.  12.5% ABV           (arrives January 2013) $134.95

Portuguese Aragones Cabernet Sauvignon - This medium-bodied dry red matures early but is well worth the patience of waiting a full year for the black cherry, raspberry, mulberry and plum profiles.  13% ABV                                (arrives feb 2012)  $137.95

Washington Riesling Chenin Blanc - The Riesling offers classic apple and stonefruit aromas while the Chenin Blanc brings subtle melon and honey notes. Its zesty acidity is offset by a creamy mouthfeel and balanced richness.   12% ABV             (arrives March 2013) $134.95

Italian Nebbiolo with grape skins - Full-bodied intense red wine with aromas of mint, chocolate, licorice and truffles with hints of cherries. Long lasting flavors and a rich, chewy finish; at least 18 months to mature but well worth the wait. 13% ABV             (arrives in April 2013)  $155.95