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Beer - Glassware


A stemmed glass, obviously tulip-shaped, wherein the top of the glass pushes out a bit to form a lip in order to capture the head and the body is bulbous. Benefits: Captures and enhances volatiles, while it induces and supports large foamy heads.

Use with these beer styles

  •  American Double / Imperial IPA 
  •  American Wild Ale
  •   Belgian Dark Ale
  •   Belgian IPA
  •   Belgian Pale Ale
  •   Belgian Strong Dark Ale
  •   Belgian Strong Pale Ale
  •   Bière de Garde
  •   Flanders Oud Bruin
  •   Flanders Red Ale
  •   Gueuze
  •   Lambic - Fruit
  •   Quadrupel (Quad)
  •   Saison / Farmhouse Ale
  • Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy

Weizen glass 

Nothing beats serving your Weizenbier (wheat beer) in an authentic Bavarian Weizen Glass. These classy glasses, with their thin walls and length, showcase the beer's color and allows for much headspace to contain the fluffy, sexy heads association with the style. Most are 0.5L in size, with slight variations in sizes. Forget the lemon garnish, the citric will kill the head.

Benefits: Specifically produced to take on volume and head, while locking in the banana-like and phenol aromas associated with the style.

Use with these
Beer Styles:

  •   American Dark Wheat Ale
  •   American Pale Wheat Ale
  •   Dunkelweizen
  •   Hefeweizen
  •   Kristalweizen
  •   Weizenbock

Pilsner Glass


Typically a tall, slender and tapered 12-ounce glass, shaped like a trumpet at times, that captures the sparkling effervesces and colors of a Pils while maintaining its head. A Pokal is a European Pilsner glass with a stem.

Benefits: Showcases color, clarity and carbonation. Promotes head retention. Enhances volatiles.

Use with these
Beer Styles:

  •   American Adjunct Lager
  •   American Amber / Red Lager
  •   American Double / Imperial Pilsner
  •   American Malt Liquor
  •   American Pale Lager
  •   Bock
  •   California Common / Steam Beer
  •   Czech Pilsener
  •   Doppelbock
  •   Dortmunder / Export Lager
  •   Euro Dark Lager
  •   Euro Pale Lager
  •   Euro Strong Lager
  •   German Pilsener
  •   Happoshu
  •   Japanese Rice Lager
  •   Light Lager
  •   Low Alcohol Beer
  •   Maibock / Helles Bock
  •   Munich Dunkel Lager
  •   Munich Helles Lager
  •   Schwarzbier
  • Vienna Lager