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Weak Knee Home Brewing Supplies

has what you need to brew your own beer and make your own wine 

check out our half price beer yeasts

yes, we moved . . .

find us at 1277 N Charlotte St

(just across the street, between Palermos & Burger King)


Wed ~ Fri  10 am til 6 pm

Saturday 10 am til 5 pm

Sunday noon til 5 pm


month of July: 10% off wine ingredient kits



We stock a vast variety of base & specialty grains, more than 50 different pellet hops, Wyeast,White Labs, Fermentis, Red Star and Lalvin yeasts, fresh made Weak Knee Beer Kits, Brewer's Best Beer Kits, RJ Spagnols and Winexpert wine kits, and more! Fresh, local Apple PressingsChilean, California, Italian & Canadian grapes and juices are available seasonally. New corney kegs, kegging equipment are also available. While we do not fill CO2 tanks, 5# tanks are exchanged for $20.

Come by the Tasting Room to sample the variety of wines, brews, and rootbeer! Sample the "Gulpability" and "Cool Breeze Pale Ale" on tap - watch for our "Pumpkin Ale" coming on tap soon!